Afrikan Revolutionary Soldier

"The total liberation and unification of Africa
under an All-African Socialist Government must
be the primary objective of all Black
revolutionaries throughout the world. It is an
objective which when achieved, will bring about
the fulfillment of the aspirations of Africans
and people of African descent everywhere. It
will at the same time advance the triumph of
the international socialist revolution."
- Kwame Nkrumah


... organization is necessary because without
organization there is no way to channel all
the energies of all the people who want to
work for our betterment and improvement.

... organization is necessary because the
enemy is organized.

... organization is necessary because without
it we leave ourselves open to the oppressors'
tactic of 'divide and conquer' or 'divide and

... organization is necessary to facilitate
for planning our liberation and monitoring
our implementation of the plan.

... organization is necessary as a tool to
make decisions about our future direction.

... organization is necessary to ensure
that the youth are brought into the

... organization is necessary because
without it we let issues dictate what
direction we go in. The enemy
(capitalists') constantly creates
issues for us to respond to. The end
result is that we go in circles and
never really get to the root of the

... organization forces us to be more
conscious and aware of our conditions
and to be responsible for changing our

... organization is necessary to
systematize training programs for
potential members.

... organization is necessary to
expedite women's emancipation.

... organization is necessary to
make sure we engage in self-
evaluation of our strategies and
tactics, to insure that we modify
our approach when necessary.

... organization is necessary for
us to keep an inventory of our
resources, to see that they are
utilized properly.

... organization is necessary for
us to have expert communications
systems to all parts of our

... organization is necessary to
see that we as a people respond
quickly when the situation
dictates that we do so.

... organization is necessary
because oppressed people have
never defeated the enemy
(oppression) without it.

... organization is necessary
to safeguard our independent
territories from external

... organization is necessary
to combat the lies that the
media bombards our community

Lack of organization is our
number one enemy.

History/Social Science clearly
shows that it is impossible for
African people to have POWER,
or to be independent,
self-sufficient and respected
by others anywhere in the world
until we are organized. The
time is now! Let's get

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