Afrikan Revolutionary Soldier

"The total liberation and unification of Africa
under an All-African Socialist Government must
be the primary objective of all Black
revolutionaries throughout the world. It is an
objective which when achieved, will bring about
the fulfillment of the aspirations of Africans
and people of African descent everywhere. It
will at the same time advance the triumph of
the international socialist revolution."
- Kwame Nkrumah


.. permanent organization is necessary because
without it there is no guarantee that the
struggle will continue beyond the current
phase. We also need to plan for generations
ahead because our development spans forever.

... organization that is capable of mass
mobilization is necessary to keep the
energies of the people working for the
right objectives.

... organization that recognizes the proper
role of women at the forefront of the
movement with men.

... organization that educates the people
as to what we are fighting for, what we
are fighting against and WHY.

... nationalist organization that allows
only Africans to be members.

... revolutionary organization that seeks
a total transformation of society from the
backwards way of having a privileged few
who own and control almost everything to
a new kind of society where there is no
exploitation of the masses of the people.

... organization that supports allies and
brother-sister organizations which
believe in the same principles,
struggles for justice and the return of
stolen land.

... organization that allows for us to
correctly interpret the true nature of
our oppression and how it affects the
political, economic and cultural
reality of our lives.

... organization that is self
sufficient economically.

... organization that requires
day-to-day sacrifice from its members.

... organization that is opposed to the
oppressive intelligence and espionage
of the FBI, CIA and similar
organizations in other capitalist

... Pan-Africanist organization that has
as its objective the liberation of Africa
from all foreign domination and corrupt
neo-colonialist (uncle-tom) leadership.

... Scientific Socialist organization
that fights for equality for all people.

... mass-based organization that seeks
to organize all Africans throughout the
world wherever we happen to be.

... organization which focuses on
political education is necessary so
that we understand each phase of
history, past, present and future.
Build on the good; minimize the bad.

... organization that trains its
members to organize and educate
prospective members.

... Cadre organization where we
become members as a result of what
we have done and what we know, with
a proven commitment by studying and
working to make things happen - not
just talking about it.

... organization that unleashes the
creative energies of all the people:
the women, the men and the youth.

... POLITICAL organization that works
for the unification of Africa into one
nation: The United States of Africa.

It is the responsibility of mature African
people to consistently involved themselves
in organizations which will insure our
people's certain victory. The A-APRP is an
organization struggling to meet all of the
above criteria. Come join us in Positive

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