Afrikan Revolutionary Soldier

"... we restore to the term 'democracy' its
actual meaning: power to the people."
- Sekou Toure


Our people's aspiration for
Pan-Africanism finds deep roots in our rich
legacy of communalism in traditional African
society. Here, humanist values and
egalitarian social relationships
characterized our collective way of life. It
is here that the principles of democracy were
born which Pan-Africanism seeks to restore in
today's context.

In a One Unified Socialist Africa, true
democracy, is attained because the reigns of
power are in the hands of the people. This
power will be seen through the masses
ownership of society's wealth, production to
meet the working people's needs, and equal
participation of both men and women in all
forms of political life organized in a mass
political party. In essence, socialism
provides for the struggling working masses
the ability to control everything that
affects their lives. We must guard against
those among us who are calling for multi-
partyism. This is nothing but another
imperialist ploy to divert the fighting
masses away from their socialist objectives
and to maintain the domination of the rich
over the poor.

The total liberation and unification of
Africa under a scientific socialist government
will mark the end of all forms of foreign
domination of our homeland. The artificial
boundaries that the colonial powers imposed
on us will be wiped away, uniting our people
everywhere and Africa's resources into one
powerful nation. All Africans will have a
strong national home able to safeguard their
democratic rights. Today, our people suffer
in Haiti, in England, in the U.S., in Brazil
because our Mother Africa suffers.
Africans ! If you want freedom, equality,
peace and democracy, FIGHT FOR

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