Afrikan Revolutionary Soldier
"All people of African descent...are African
and belong to the African nation." NKRUMAH



Under Capitalism, students are bombarded with
speculations, and lies concerning society, its
history, current realities, and potentials.
This is designed to reinforce and promote
capitalism. Students are required to
memorize, and regurgitate this misinformation
in a climate that emphasizes ruthless
competition and opportunism, individual
instead of collective work, and grades (even
by cheating) instead of learning.

The best products of these colleges and
Universities are rewarded jobs as the most
exploitative businessmen, professionals and
politicians. Those that refuse this
capitalist process are discarded by the
capitalist system and have only two options,
accept being oppressed by capitalism or
dedicate their lives to serving the masses by
organizing for revolution.

The classrooms, laboratories, and libraries
of our schools hold an immense volume of
information ready to be utilized by
revolutionary forces for the further
development of humanity. The library at
Harvard University alone holds over 10 million
books. Capitalism is using these resources
to miseducate students. We must change this.

African students, you are being groomed to
help maintain capitalism as "professionals"
(teachers, engineers, lawyers, etc). Don't
be tempted by your enemy's offer of "a piece
of the pie". This pie only exist through the
exploitation of our People. Through
unemployment, ridiculously low wages, racism,
apartheid, settler colonialism,
neo-colonialism, unfair trade and other
imperialist practices; capitalism amasses
profits while the majority of the world
suffers. Refuse to sellout, reject
capitalism, commit your time and talents to
struggling for the people. Join an
organization working for Revolutionary change.

Capitalism is tightening the screws. In
recent years it has become increasingly
difficult for Africans to attend college.
Capitalist oppression of the masses in
general, and Africans in particular, is on the
rise from Nairobi to New York. As students
how will you respond to this pressure? Will
you sink to the depths of individual concern
...'I gotta get myself together' or will you
see the foulness of capitalism, and reach out
to serve the Masses by joining the African
intelligentsia, the student spark, and an
organization fighting for our People.


A correct interpretation of our history
would reveal that President Nkrumah was right
when he stated that students have always
"provided the spark needed to set in motion
demonstrations, strikes, boycotts and armed
insurrections". Throughout history students
have come to understand and fulfill their
historical role.

The World Socialist Revolution

The student strikes in Indo-China in 1925-6
awakened the latent nationalist and class
consciousness of Indo-Chinese students. Many
fled Vietnam to Canton China. They became the
initial cadre of the Indo-Chinese Communist
Party and returned to Vietnam to mobilize the
masses. The Chinese Communist Party began
with an initial work-study circle at the
University of Peking. Mao became one of the
first recruits and later joined the Chinese
Socialist Youth Corps.

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution of 1959
traces its lineage to the wave of Student
protest that arose in 1952 after Batista
seized power and attempted to crush the Cuban
student movement. The Federation of
University Students (FEU) which was founded
at the University of Havana in 1954-56
produced the present generation of leaders in

Students and Anti-imperialist Struggle

During the 1960's African and European
students across the U.S. took to the streets
in protest of the Vietnam War. 1968 saw
students in Britain and western Europe spark
massive demonstrations against American
imperialist aggression in Vietnam and around
the world. These demonstrations soon began to
focus also on the exploitative practices of
capitalism within Europe, and gained the
support of many workers who took part in
strikes, boycotts and campus sit-ins. On the
streets of London, Paris, and Bonn, students
clashed with armed police and soldiers almost
daily, and in France the government was
brought to the brink of collapse by the scale
of mass action.

In the 1980's Korean students were at the
forefront of struggle against tyranny and
imperialism. In 1988 thousands of students
marched to the border demanding Korea's
unification. The 1980's also saw the youth
and students of Palestine rising up against
the fascist butchers and bullies of Zionist
Israeli state. In the West Bank of occupied
Palestine, students stand up against bullets
and tanks and let the world know 'they will
fulfill their destiny and spark the flames
of the Palestinian Revolution.'

The African Revolution

Students were the early 'torch bearers' of
African Liberation. The African Student Union
in North America and the West African Student
Union based in London produced a generation of
African leaders and revolutionaries that
included Kwame Nkrumah. The student section
of the African Democratic Rally based in Paris
in the 1930-40s in conjunction with the youth
wing of the General Confederation of Trade
Unions produced a generation of leaders in
French controlled West and North Africa. The
Youth League of the African National Congress
(ANC) in South Africa was the training ground
for such dedicated freedom fighters as Nelson
Mandela and Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe.
Sobukwe, co-founder of the Pan-Africanist
Congress (PAC), who became known as "Prof" by
the next generation of African students in
Azania, was instrumental in instilling them
with a revolutionary commitment to

On Feb. 1, 1960 four African freshmen at North
Carolina A&T College held the first sit-in at
the white lunch counter of Greensboro's
Woolworth Department store. This was one of
the sparks that lit the fires of struggle that
would result in the organization of the masses
of African peasants and workers in the rural
south to confront the racism and indignities
of the capitalist system during the 60's.
This struggle for civil and democratic rights
was the result of difficult, endless work that
was initiated primarily by students in the
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
(SNCC). The freedom schools, voter
registration drives and organization of the
sharecroppers (peasants) were all coordinated
by students. The challenge of 'Black Power'
was taken up by African students and infused
all over the world where our people were
engaged in struggle.

During the 60's and 70's the militant demands
of African students from Lagos Nigeria to
Nairobi Kenya, and from Birmingham England to
Soweto South Africa have heightened the
consciousness of the masses.

In June of 1976, the Black Consciousness
Movement (BCM) and the South African Students
Organization (SASO) led massive student
demonstrations against the Racist Settler
Colonial Regime of South Africa. Today, they
still serve as inspiration worldwide not only
to African student, but to students, workers
and peasants of all nations.

In the 1990's African students around the
world continue to kindle the forces of
Revolution by organizing sit-ins,
demonstrations, and boycotts to oppose racism,
apartheid, zionism, imperialism and

Students Get Organized

Students are exposed, more than any other
sector, to information concerning the world
and its social, political and economic
conflicts. All conscious students must
relentlessly struggle to sort through this
information to properly understand these
conflicts and then redirect the campus
resources to aid the intellectual and material
development of progressive and revolutionary

We must assert our obligation to serve
humanity. This obligation is a lifetime
responsibility to aid in the drastic
transformation of men and women to a better
way of life. This drastic transformation is
the Revolutionary process of Socialism. Under
Socialism, production is controlled by the
people and the motive of production is to
raise the level of humanity. This process and
system of socialism represents humankind's
Revolutionary commitment to control their
destiny. We must transform the student
experience into a cultural expression that
makes a contribution to humanity. The
organized development and dissemination of
Revolutionary information is a cultural
expression most needed from the campus

Students all over the world are stepping
forward to play a key role in fighting
oppression. From the West Bank in Occupied
Palestine to the townships in Azania, our
youth are putting their lives on the line to
fight the injustices of capitalism and
imperialism. Their actions inspire the Masses
of peasants and workers to organize and strike
out against Zionism, apartheid, colonialism
and all other forms of imperialism.

It is the African students' responsibility to
fight for the people because it was the people
who fought, struggle and died for us to attend
Universities and Colleges.

African students we call on you to continue
the legacy of SNCC and the students of the
60's who sparked the civil rights struggles.
We call on you to continue the legacy of SASO
(South African Students Organization) who
sparked the uprisings that made "Remember
Soweto' a battlecry of the 70's and the 80's.

The All-African People's Revolutionary Party
recognizes that African People born and living
in over 113 countries are one People, with one
identity, one history, one culture, one Nation
and one destiny. We have one common enemy.
We suffer from disunity, disorganization and
ideological confusion. And we have only one
scientific and correct solution,
Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and
unification of Africa under Scientific
Socialism. We are organizing political
education work study circles for Africans
interested in learning about and aiding the
liberation of our People.

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