Afrikan Revolutionary Soldier  

I designed this website with only plain HTML using as little corporate programs as possible.
I enter all the HTML code by hand.
I also write my own programs to generate the HTML code for me.
I believe that anyone, anywhere in the world that can get on the internet should be able to read this website just like everyone else:
NO special computer
NO certain speed necessary
NO special browser required
NO special software
NO plug ins necessary
NO pop up windows
NO cookies used by this website
I feel it is a form of elitism to force someone to have the latest hardware, software or plug ins just to view a website.
I Fight for Justice for the People!

Website Navigation:
At the bottom of each main webpage you may select the webpage to open in a new window.
ALT-0 (hold ALT key & press 0) takes you to the bottom links.
At the top of each main webpage you may select the webpage to the left of the small arrow box then "click" on the "Go to selection at left" button to the right.
ALT-1 (hold ALT key & press 1) takes you to the top links.
Inside the drop down box pressing the key of the 1st letter will go directly to an option.
[example press h for Home]
Using the URL without a webpage name or with an incorrect webpage name will automatically go to the "index.htm" webpage.

  1. To change the size of the text in Internet Explorer (I.E.)
        From the TOOLBAR select VIEW select TEXT SIZE
        (If the TOOLBAR does not appear:)
        (click RESTORE button in top right corner)
  2. To change the width of the text column
        use your cursor on the left or right edge of the window
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  3. Below the navigation drop down box the date & time the webpage was accessed is displayed.
        UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) = GMT (Greenwich Mean/Meridian Time) = Z (Zulu Time)
        -/+X is the hours offset from UTC
        [Example: UTC-6 : UTC 11:00 current time 05:00]
  4. Putting the cursor over the date & time will display the current time on the status bar
  5. Also see the HELP button on the TOOLBAR
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