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Pan Afrikan Flag To all those whose lives I saved:
I want you all to know that those things I did were sincere and I am glad that you all got some more time added to your stay here on earth. Also, I hope that all of you got a chance to succeed at your goals in life and I pray that all of you have helped to give others a chance as well.
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#   Video of Kwame Ture in Omaha NE

#   Video of Adofo show in Omaha NE

#   Quotes


A-APRP pamphlets in ascii file format
1 #   Why is Organization Necessary
2 #   What Kind of Organization is Necessary
3 #   Seek Pan-Africanism
4 #   Work/Study Circles
5 #   We are African Period
6 #   Students
7 #   Some Aspects of the Ideology Objective and Program of the A-APRP
8 #   Man and Society

#   JPGs of Omaha NE

#   BMPs of Hurricane Katrina
2007  James Barnes
2000  George Bibbins (July 19, Officer Jerad Kruse)
1997  Marvin Ammons (October 26, Officer Todd Sears)
1990  Kevin Watson
1985  Richard Kellom
1970  Vivian Strong

This site dedicated to
Bernard L Jones
Third World Martial Artist
1947 - 1985


The 1st Englewood Vigilante
Mike - Bass Player Steve West Band 1977


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